Podcast #55: 5G FWA Update – Connecting Next Half Billion Households

The consumer demand for high-speed home broadband continues to grow at a rapid pace as companies adopt the hybrid working culture. Even personal content consumption has increased, be it for music and video streaming, gaming or other applications. And as billions of consumers across the globe continue to wait for reliable home broadband, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) in conjunction with 5G is proving to be a great solution for last-mile connectivity.

In our previous podcast in 2020, we discussed why FWA is a killer app for 5G in helping bridge the digital divide. It’s nearly two years since, and there have been some developments with increased FWA deployments. From factors driving the growth of FWA to prices of CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) and how the ecosystem is changing with geopolitics, we discuss all this in the podcast.

In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Jan Stryjak is joined by Senior Analysts Tina Lu and Parv Sharma to talk about the key trends in the Fixed Wireless Access space. We have also covered the 5G vs 4G FWA subscription forecast, factors that are holding back the growth of FWA in certain regions, and more. 

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Podcast Chapter Markers

01:19 – Tina highlights the current broadband connectivity situation across the globe.

03:16 – Tina explains why Fixed Wireless Access is touted as the Killer App for bridging the digital divide.

05:42 – Tina talks about key factors that are driving the growth of Fixed Wireless Access.

07:55 – Parv on the pricing of CPE and how it affects the growth of Fixed Wireless Access.

09:40 – Parv talks about how the FWA CPE ecosystem is changing after the limitations in the US due to geopolitics.

11:29 – Tina on 5G vs 4G FWA subscription forecast.

12:56 – Tina on factors that are delaying the growth of Fixed Wireless Access in some regions.

15:35 – Parv talks about the top FWA CPE players in the market.

17:46 – Final comments from Parv and Tina.

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