How 5G AIoT Brings Intelligence to Digital Transformation

Our Research Vice President Neil Shah will be moderating the Fibocom webinar “How 5G AIoT Brings Intelligence to Digital Transformation” on March 1st 2022.

Event details:

Date: March 1st 2022

Time: 11:00 AM (New York)/16:00 PM (London)/17:00 PM (Germany)/23:00 PM (China)

Registration link: Click here

About the event:

After continuous evolution over the past two years, 5G has evolved from an emerging concept to a ubiquitous and mainstream technology for mobile devices. The characteristics of 5G, such as ultra-high-speed, ultra-low latency and ultra-high density, will insert wireless wings to AI. 5G can complete AI operations as fast as possible on the terminal side, which not only reduces latency but also enhance customer experience and improves personalized services. Conversely, 5G will certainly benefit from the AI-enabled processing ability. AI-based applications can react almost in real-time to the data generated by the 5G network, providing completely new possibilities for automation. Replacing traditional wireless algorithms with deep machine learning, AI will dramatically reduce manpower costs and improve overall performance, bringing safety and convenience to people’s daily life, promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of various industrial and commercial activities, and spawning countless innovative services and products. Join our experts to gain actionable insights about how the integration of 5G and AIoT can further expand the application landscape, and how to solve the key challenges faced by the 5G AIoT adopters.


Daniele Cleri

Daniele Cleri

AAEON Europe

AI & IoT Software Architect  

Nikola Balj

Fibocom Wireless Inc.

Director of Sales and BD, EMEA 

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