Global Mobile Camera Trends 2022: Innovation Talk

About the Webinar

The digital camera industry was disrupted by the emergence of smartphones over a decade ago. Continued advancements across camera, processing and imaging technologies have resulted in today’s devices allowing everyday users to easily take professional quality pictures and video.

The quality and sophistication of smartphone camera systems continue their upward trajectory and may one day rival even specialized DSLRs across various applications.

This webinar, hosted by Counterpoint Research’s Peter Richardson, VP of Research, will include guest speakers from Counterpoint, TECNO, Samsung Electronics and DXOMARK. They will provide an overall picture of today’s smartphone market and camera setups, present image quality comparisons across the major device segments, and discuss the innovation happening today along with expectations for 2022 and beyond.

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Session Details

Date: November 25

Time: 9:00am GMT (10:00am Lagos/Paris, 2:30pm Mumbai, 5:00pm Shenzhen/Shanghai)


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