CES 2019 Day 1 Highlights

Counterpoint Analysts are attending the CES Event 2019 in Las Vegas to meet companies and gain latest technological insights. Here is a look at the major updates from CES 2019 day 1.

HERE SoMo – Social Mobility Platform – a Play to Integrate Social with Mobility

This app is a standalone play looking to integrate maps with mobility players as well as having a social component. It’s good for HERE to invest in this “whitespace” and build out its solutions to differentiate it from the siloed approach that Uber or Lyft are taking. Having a marketplace will allow users to choose their mobility preferences and help engage them both on a social and cost-saving level (through ride shares / alternative transportation methods). It will greatly enhance HERE’s data if it gets enough traction for users to start using the app over already established, but siloed players.

Source: Here

Alibaba’s Tmall Genie Voice Assistant to be Introduced in BMW Vehicles in China

Alibaba and BMW have announced the integration of Alibaba’s voice assistant, Tmall Genie, for BMW customers in China by the end of 2019. The move extends BMW’s Connected service, which is already integrated with other Tmall Genie-compatible devices. The new feature allows customers to use the BMW display screen, serving up text and images.

Integration with Alibaba’s Tmall Genie in BMW vehicles in China opens new possibilities in terms of intelligent connectivity between the vehicle and customers’ digital touchpoints. BMW Connected is currently used by 1.5 million customers. Alibaba claims to have sold over 5 million Tmall Genie units since its launch in 2017.

Source: BMW

USB C Powered Displays

USB C opened opportunities for new accessories. Since it can support Power Delivery (PD) in addition to superfast data speeds. Due to limited adoption of the USB type C, there is a wide need for dongles, which is a problem during the initial adoption of any new technology. Now USB type C is being widely adopted by OEM’s, be it smartphones, headphones, PC’s etc. There are a few launches with the type C powered portable displays, which can be used plug and play. With the upcoming flexible displays, USB type C will play an important role in making the form factor as small as possible.


Source: The Verge

Nanosats Announcement on IoT  Via Satellite Connectivity

Only around 10% of the planet is covered by terrestrial telecom networks. The other 90% (which includes oceans) requires satellites for connectivity. The opportunity for IoT to support applications such as sea freight will therefore also require satellites. Companies in satellite connectivity such as Nanosats are looking to capitalise on this opportunity by providing connectivity to the maritime industry, smart cities, and more remote applications. Nanosats already launched one of its nano satellites with SpaceX in early December and is planning to launch 64 more to connect and track assets everywhere on the planet.

Instead of competing directly with existing players such as Iridium, GlobalStar, and ORBCOMM, Nanosats is planning to offer a back-up solution targeting applications where network reliability needs strengthening.

Source: TechRepublic

Visteon Showcases Integration of DriveCore Autonomous Platform and SmartCore Cockpit Domain Controller

DriveCore is designed as a complete technology platform for autonomous vehicles consisting of hardware, in-vehicle middleware and a PC-based software toolset. Developers can tap into Microsoft Azures cloud to develop, test and validate algorithms for autonomous driving, making it more scalable.

SmartCore cockpit domain controller uses Qualcomm Technologies third generation Snapdragon platform to integrate several cockpit domains on a single SoC through a single driver interface.

Integrating the above two, coupled with AI and larger curved displays can create a seamless HMI experience between driver and vehicle. Technology (Microsoft, Qualcomm) and automotive companies (Visteon) are collaborating to make solutions that are scalable and simpler (reducing number of ECUs) for next generation vehicles.

Source: Autocar Pro

Withings (formerly Nokia Health) Returns to CES 2019 With New Hybrid Watches

Withings announced Move, hybrid watch which can take electrocardiograms (EKG or ECG). The major attractions of these hybrid watches are the design and price point; $130 for the ECG version and $70 for non-ECG version. It’s expected in 2Q19, pending FDA and CE clearance. There have been low-cost ECG devices before Apple Series 4 watch, but Apple has always been a trend setter. We expect Fitbit and Garmin will also join this ECG-on-watch trend.

Source: Withings

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