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    CES 2017: The Hottest Trends Analyzed :: Gadgets Getting Intelligent (AI) & Virtual (VR)
    The CES trade show provides a perfect launch into the new calendar year. Counterpoint’s analysts were in Las Vegas to meet companies and experience the latest technology developments. Our key takeaways are as follows: Among the most striking things from our point of view was the prevalence of Amazon’s Alexa – now being incorporated into many products. Alexa is not a very intelligent AI, but she can flip a switch...more
    CES 2017- Round Up
    CES has wrapped up for another year. We will be publishing our take on the event in the coming days. In the meantime we have a final snapshot of some of the more interesting products on show in Las Vegas. Overall the most striking things from our point of view was the prevalence of Amazon's Alexa - now being incorporated into many products. Alexa is not a very intelligent...more
    CES 2017-Day 1: highlights
    Alexa is stealing the show Amazon’s Alexa is everywhere at CES 2017: China’s Huawei has added Alexa to its flagship Mate 9 smartphone; LG has put webOS and Amazon Alexa in a fridge; Lenovo’s Smart Assistant is basically an Echo by a different name; Mattel’s Aristotle is an Amazon Eco for Kids; GE is presenting its LED ring lamp. In addition, Ford is planning to put Alexa in its vehicles...more
    Run-up to CES 2017
    The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gets under way on 5th of January. We have a team of analysts present at the event meeting with tech companies large and small to discuss and analyze the latest developments. This year the focus of the event will be on the evolving technologies in automotive industry, IoT and AR/VR. There have already been a number of announcements in the run-up to the event. We...more
    Infographic: Q3-2016|Mobile Market Monitor
    Our Q3-2016 Market Monitor report has been published. We release one Infographic in each quarter to summarize handset and smartphone market activities in a single page. Some overview of the global mobile phone market is: 1.  Global mobile phone shipment recorded YoY decline of 1% but grew 8% QoQ 2.  APAC, MEA and NAM regions registered positive YoY growth both in overall handset market & smartphone shipment 3.  Festive sales in India drove strong...more
    Mobile Phone Industry Chain Summit 2016
    Date: 25th Nov, 2016 Venue: Chrysanthemum Hall, 5th Floor, Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Organizer: Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan Shanghai Co., Ltd. Co-organizer: Counterpoint Technology Market Research Topic: Global Mobile Phone Industry Trends & Competitive Environment – Deeper Look into OEMs – Winners & Losers Hottest Market for Next Three Years: India's Mobile Phone Industry Trends & Potential Smartphone Feature Sets & Key Component Trends – Chipsets, Memory, Battery, Displays, Touchscreen, Sensors (fingerprint) and so...more
    Exclusive Counterpoint Event in Korea
    Counterpoint Research's international team is visiting Korea between 2nd and 4th February. They will be visiting clients and participating in an exclusive event on 3rd Feb, 2016 for Counterpoint clients. During the event Counterpoint's analysts will provide detailed insights on global trends in connected electronics with a specific focus on recent developments in India and China. Neil Shah, Research Director - India, will be sharing insights on the Indian mobile market that became the world's second largest market in terms...more
    Webinar : How the West Was Won
    Analyzing Sales of 3,000+ Handsets in 2014 Do you or your team need a detailed understanding of hot trends, strategies and competitive dynamics in the smartphone industry? For example: How many Galaxy Note 4s were sold last month versus iPhone 6 Plus? What is the typical spec of a $150 Android smartphone? What was the average internal memory distribution across different brands? What was the sweet spot in terms of display size? What were the winning...more
    CES 2015 – the show that grows
    The Consumer Electronics Show that kicks off the year in resounding style was larger than this year. Its size and diversity mirrors the rapidly developing state of the technology space. There were few show-stopping new product announcements. Instead there was an avalanche of smaller products launches from the thousands of exhibitors. Many of these products will likely fail in the white heat of a competitive market place, but the extent...more
    Handset Market in July 2012
      The demand in the handset market during July 2012 shrunk compared to June. We measure demand as the amount of handsets sold through the retail channel to subscribers, which is sell through or sell out volume. Due to weak demand in Europe and North America along with the stagnant market in Developing Regions overall Global demand was weak. Typical seasonality in July is 10% higher than June so this is...more
    Google wins Round One against Oracle
        It looks like Google has won the first round on this one. Of the numerous lawsuits that have been spun around the smartphone industry, this was one of the largest in amount, $1 billion. It also is a lawsuit around the fundamentals of the Android ecosystem, the Virtual Machine. Almost all handsets use the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) created by Sun, which is now part of Oracle. But Google’s...more
    Announcing the New King of Mobile: Samsung
      Samsung has overthrown Nokia ending the 14 year reign. As we now look at the aggregated Q1 handset and smartphone shipments we confidently announce that Samsung has rose to the top in both categories. Last quarter Samsung had outstripped Nokia by almost double score in smartphones but lost to Apple. This time Samsung wins a double as it reaches 25% market share in handsets and 32% market share in...more
    Handset market in May 2012
    The handset market in May 2011 shrunk slightly compared to April but inventory levels dropped slightly relieving tension of the market. Sell-through increased backed by markets like India and Africa but the Developed markets where gloomy and even China showed signs of stagnation. The Macro economic downturn is affecting replacement sales globally save a handful of countries.   The first quarter of this year ended with 393 million handsets shipped the...more
    Sony finally puts the pieces together
    After launching the PlayStation in 1998, establishing Sony Pictures in 1991 and re-establishing Sony Music Entertainment in 2008 Electronics Giant Sony has finally decided to put all the pieces together with their premium consumer electronics. We believe there will be one control tower for cloud based content distribution and it will be the 2011 announced Sony Entertainment Network. Parent company Sony Electronics will carefully make sure everything is knitted...more
    Recap of the Smartphone Market in 2011
        2011 ended with smartphone sales reaching 484 million units. This is a 61% jump annually. Growth continues but it is slowing down as most of the developed markets come close to 80~90% penetration. Annual growth will probably drop to the 30% range in 2012. For smartphones it was a two horse race in 2011 but Samsung dominated in terms of volume in the last quarter, sending out signals that 2012...more
    CES 2012, Smart TV, Smart Appliances and Smart Cars
    If the previous CES 2011 heralded the post-pc Tablet era, CES 2012 was all about Smart CE (Consumer Electronics) and TV was at the center. Of course another post-pc phenomenon, the Ultrabook, caught the eyes of the crowd as well. The Ultrabook category is an Intel-proposed line of laptops resembling the Macbook Air in all aspects. It’s sure to replace the previous laptops in the market now. Google TV made...more
    Smartphones Roar in Holiday Sales
    It’s no secret that smartphones are one of the hottest products offered in the current market. Consumers absolutely love android technology and the everlasting Apple iPhone series. Even during the holiday season where shoppers tend to plea to decrease their spending, smartphone retail sales demonstrate the complete opposite. This most recent holiday season was just roaring for retailers both physical and online. Amazon stepped up with an unbeatable sale for...more
    HP scraps plans for webOS after writing off $3.3 billion
    After 2 years HP has decided to cease all webOS products, which are smartphones and tablets. HP had bought Palm in 2010 at a price of $1.2 billion. The price they paid was the equivalent of 9% of their total cash reserves at the time. But the amount of money they are writing off on their books now is $3.3 billion in total. In total we estimate webOS was an...more
    How big a success will Kindle Fire be?
    Amazon has surprised the industry by announcing a new tablet out of the blue, the Kindle Fire. It’s an evolution from the e-book reader series it has been releasing and a very interesting product. We think the question is not ‘will it succeed’ but ‘how much will it succeed’. The product itself is quite mediocre and not anything new. It lacks a lot of good features that are already in...more
    Nokia starts downsizing, Symbian goes first
    After Steven Elop’s announcement at Barcelona, the layoff plans have started, according to a memo disclosed by the Register yesterday. 3,000 Symbian engineers will be transferred to Acccenture and a further 4,000 will be laid off in stages. So a total of 7,000 workers will be laid off. Several sites including the Southwood, UK office and the White Plains, USA office will be closed as well. This is the beginning...more
    Verizon’s ambitious LTE plan will it succeed?
    After the announcement of the HTC Thunderbolt, Verizon Wireless has announced it is going to offer its 4G technology, LTE in 147 US cities by the end of this year. That is an impressive roll out compared to the initial 39 markets they launched in December of last year. The speed they are offering is 5~12 Mbps on the download which is 3 to 5 times faster than the...more
    CES 2011, the year of the tablet ahead ? Not so fast.
    It was all about tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, the biggest event in the industry. Almost 80 new tablets were announced after, a new market sprung up from nowhere with the Apple iPad. Apple sold almost 15 million iPads and it seems like companies think it’s the iPhone syndrome all over again, with more magnitude maybe. Android based tablets were the majority, almost 90% while there...more
    John Doe – Business Consultant
    Cumque nihil impedit quo minus quodmax im placeat facere possimus omnis voluptas assu menest, omnis dolor repellendus temp oribus quibus dam etaut officiis debitis reru enim leo ultricies diam, in dapibus tortor orci a magna. Nam ullamcorper dapibus laoreet. Quisque ultricies porttitor congue....more

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