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Connected electronics is a huge sector of the technology industry; over 1.6 billion smartphones will be sold in 2016 worth more than $350 billion. Counterpoint Research has developed a range of techniques to help clients understand the size and scope of the connected electronics market, how fast it’s changing and who the key players are. We cover: Brands, Models, Geography, Price, Channels and more.



Mobile phones are the single largest segment of consumer electronics in history… MORE



Tablet devices have eaten into the PC market. PCs are fighting back with hybrid and 2-in-1 devices… MORE



The wearables market remains at an early stage. Some products, activity trackers… MORE



The automotive and wider transport sector is entering a phase of rapid evolution with some… MORE



Electronic components are the technology building blocks. Developments in component … MORE



The internet of things or physical internet is an overarching term that covers many areas of… MORE


Connected electronics rely on rich ecosystems of software, services and applications. Counterpoint provides analysis and critical insights into ecosystem dynamics. Our analysis covers: Sector, Brands, Key Players, Geography, Technology, Usage and more.



Mobile payment is just beginning to come of age after years of false hopes and failed starts. However where it… MORE



Operators are keen to define their roles as more than simple access providers. This is leading them to integrate vertically… MORE



In a world where the e-world and physical worlds are deeply enmeshed, having strong location-based services is critical in delivering… MORE



Consumer life services such as Social Networking consistently top the charts for where consumers spend the largest part of their… MORE

Analyst Insights

Qualcomm Research’s Vision for 5G

Qualcomm Research’s Vision for 5G

Qualcomm Research, invited Counterpoint Analysts to San Diego, USA to demonstrate its 5G technology and solutions which… MORE

Market Monitor Market & Vendor Analysis Q4 2016

Market Monitor | Market & Vendor Analysis Q4 2016

Smartphone shipments increased 8% YoY, with four out of five mobile phones shipped being a smartphone. North America (NAM), Middle East and… MORE

Media Coverage

China’s rapidly growing smartphone stars set sights on world domination to challenge Samsung, Apple

March 06, 2017

Oppo grew its global shipments more than 111 percent year-on-year in 2016, and is fourth, while Vivo saw 77.9 percent growth and is fifth, according to Counterpoint Research.

Sunac shares tumble on plan to invest $2.2 bln in cash-strapped LeEco

Jan 16, 2017

“The current capital infusion will not permanently solve LeEco’s problems,” said Neil Shah, research director of Counterpoint Research

How Luxury Watchmakers Can Compete With Apple

March 10, 2017

Fossil Group (FOSL) is expected to offer 300 different watches all with the same smart functions, Peter Richardson, Counterpoint’s director of research, says.


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For us as new-business developers and company-builders a thorough assessment of the market-size and its drivers is always the final factor in a go-/no-go-decision, and Counterpoint’s insights into the mobile and smartphone industry have been extremely helpful for setting up our operations in Korea. When we were stuck with merely

Team Europe

Counterpoint’s strengths are their clear and far-sighted insights into the developing market for connected devices and ecosystems. They actively ensure they maintain a detailed understanding of HERE’s capability and strategy. This combination means their insights offer real value to our business and are widely appreciated across our business.


The data and analysis provided by Counterpoint is unparallaled in terms of granularity and preciseness. We did not hesitate to choose Counterpoint after the initial briefings. The client support is also excellent, very approachable.


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