Webinar: New Wi-Fi 6 Patent Pool and Lift Royalty Payment Structure

Our Research Vice President Neil Shah recently spoke at the Sisvel webinar “New Wi-Fi 6 Patent Pool and Lift Royalty Payment Structure”.

About the webinar:

On July 19, Sisvel launched a patent pool on Wi-Fi 6 technology. Along with the Wi-Fi 6 pool, Sisvel debuted a new structured payment plan — the Licensing Incentive Framework for Technologies (LIFT). 

The pool is the first for Wi-Fi 6 technology and LIFT is the first royalty plan designed to level the playing field for early licensees by tying royalty payments to pool penetration with other technology implementors. The webinar will discuss the new pool and explore LIFT’s operation and significance.

Speakers will include:

  • Mattia Fogliacco – Sisvel President will host the webinar and discuss how Sisvel’s approach to patent pools balances the interests of patent owners and implementors to accelerate market penetration and economic return for licensors and licensees.
  • Andrea RombolàSisvel Wi-Fi 6 Program Manager will discuss pool details like royalty structure, patent owners and LIFT.
  • Neil Shah – Counterpoint Research’s Vice President, Research & Co-Founder who will provide with an overview of the Wi-Fi market and discuss the economic and social value that Wi-Fi has and continues to deliver.
  • Bowman Heiden – Co-Director at Center for Intellectual Property will describe the LIFT royalty program and how it incentivizes and protects early licensees.
  • Alan Fan – VP and Head of IPR Department at Huawei will discuss Huawei’s contribution to Wi-Fi, and Huawei’s perspective on joining the pool and becoming one of the first licensees as a large implementor.
  • Jin Sam Kwak – Founder and CEO at WILUS Inc. will discuss how the Wi-Fi standard was created, WILUS’s contributions to the standard, and the perspective of a research organization.
  • Jako Eleveld – VP and Head of IP Licensing at Philips will discuss the life cycle of a patent pool, and the role of enforcement action to create a level playing field for all implementors.

Watch the webinar recording: here

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