Smart Changes: Trends in Smartphone Hardware


This report talks about key component trends in smartphones with focus on dual camera, biometrics like 3D facial recognition and in-display fingerprint sensor, NAND capacity, AI and battery trends. We have highlighted smartphone shipment trends with key smartphone OEMs poised for growth. This report also talks about 5G forecast and how Bill of Materials cost is changing in smartphones.

Table of Contents:

  • Smartphone Component Trends
    • Smartphone BoM Cost Shifts : Camera, Displays & SoC Hot in 2019
    • Smartphone BoM Cost Shifts
    • Key Focus Areas for 2019/20 : Connectivity, AI, Camera & Performance
    • 5G – New Complex Architecture Unlocks New Capabilities
    • 5G Smartphones: 85 Million 5G Smartphones Shipped in 2020
    • 5G Smartphones: Samsung to Lead
    • 5G Smartphones: IP Royalty Rates & Earnings – Qualcomm Biggest Winner
    • More than One in Two Smartphones will be AI Capable by 2020
    • One in Two Smartphones Sold Feature Multiple Rear Camera Sensors
    • 3D Sensing to Drive Facial Recognition in Three-Fourth of Smartphones in 2020
    • In-Display Fingerprint Sensor Smartphones to Top 140 million units in 2019
    • Average Smartphone NAND Flash Capacity to Top 86GB in 2019
    • 3000+ mAh Battery Smartphones Crossed Half of The Total Market in 2018
    • Huawei, OPPO, vivo Key Drivers for 3000+ mAH Battery Capacity
  • Smartphone Shipment Trends
  • Mobile Phones ~2 Billion / Year Opportunity
  • Smartphone Market Has Plateaued – Still Big Opportunity
  • Enter The Dragon, Chinese OEMs Taking Control
  • Key Smartphone OEMs Poised for Growth
  • Global Smartphone Market Forecast by Price Band
  • Focus on Price Band Mix Key in 2019 for Leading Smartphone OEMs
  • HOVX- Expanding Outside China
  • HOVX Sales Forecast for 2019

Number of Pages: 27
Author: Neil Shah

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