Electric Vehicles Gain Ground in Southeast Asia; Thailand Dominates Volumes

  • Thailand led the region’s passenger EV sales in 2022 with a 58% share.
  • Nearly two in three EVs sold in 2022 were BEVs.
  • Wuling’s newest model Air EV was the region’s bestseller.

New Delhi, London, San Diego, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul – March 31, 2023

Passenger electric vehicle (EV*) sales** in Southeast Asia (SEA#) accounted for just under 2% of the region’s total passenger vehicle sales in 2022, according to the latest research from Counterpoint’s Global Passenger Electric Vehicle Model Sales Tracker. Thailand was the most advanced, accounting for 58% of the region’s EV sales, followed by Indonesia and Vietnam. Thailand’s government has been pushing EV sales through demand-side incentives and corporate income tax incentives for EV manufacturers.

Wuling’s Air EV was the best-selling model across the region in 2022, being one of the most affordable EV options. In terms of automotive groups, Vingroup led the SEA EV sales, closely followed by Wuling (part of SAIC-GM-Wuling group) and Volvo (Geely Holdings subsidiary). Battery EVs (BEVs) represented 64.6% of the total EV sales while plug-in hybrid EVs (PHEVs) constituted the rest.

SEA EV Region Sales Share by Major Countries_2022_Counterpoint

Commenting on the market dynamics, Research Analyst Abhilash Gupta said, “Passenger EV demand is increasing gradually across the SEA region but sales are tiny compared to global EV sales, constituting just 0.5% of the global total for 2022. However, as geopolitical tensions are rising between China and the West, SEA is becoming an attractive option for Chinese auto manufacturers looking to expand abroad. Therefore, we can expect to see more production plants in SEA in the longer term, which will help boost EV sales. Thailand has the largest auto manufacturing sector in SEA. It is aiming to leverage its manufacturing expertise to attract automakers to produce and sell EVs there. Indonesia and Vietnam have the advantage of mineral resources, which gives them an edge over others in the region. The SEA countries have set lofty EV targets and have introduced many incentives to promote EV adoption among consumers and to attract EV manufacturers to set up bases.”

SEA top 5 EVs_2022_Counterpoint
Source: Counterpoint’s Global Passenger Electric Vehicle Model Sales Tracker, Q4 2022

Commenting on the market outlook, Senior Analyst Soumen Mandal said, “Although EVs are currently a niche market in SEA, we do expect their sales to double in 2023. However, it will be difficult for the SEA countries to achieve their EV targets and increase the share of renewables in the electricity grid at the same time.

SEA countries have the opportunity to display their manufacturing capabilities and grow, given the interest of many international auto manufacturers to invest in the region. Those that enter the market early will have an edge, allowing them to secure a substantial share of the market. The SEA region could adopt the approaches taken by China and Europe, which provide incentives based on CO2 emission levels. Doing so would encourage both consumers and manufacturers to shift towards more environment-friendly vehicles.”

*For EVs, we consider only BEVs and PHEVs. This study does not include hybrid EVs and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs).

**Sales refer to wholesale figures, i.e., deliveries from factories by the respective brands/companies.

#SEA includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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