Infographic: Global Refurbished Smartphone Market | 2021


  • The global refurbished smartphone market grew 15% YoY in 2021.
  • The LATAM and India markets registered the highest growth.
  • All ecosystem players focused on increasing supply to meet demand.
  • Apple led with more than 40% share in the global market. Samsung was a distant second but growing in volume.
  • Chinese brands saw a growth spurt in select markets like China and India.
  • Refurbished models are increasingly being sold through carriers in mature markets. However, retail channels are growing in most key countries.

For more insights into the global refurb smartphone market in 2021, read our analyst Glen Cardoza’s blog.

Counterpoint Refurbished Smartphones 2021 Report Infographic May2022Use the button below to download the high resolution PDF of the infographic:

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