Podcast: How Xiaomi, Qualcomm are Delivering 5G, AI-based Experiences to Consumers

Mobile handsets have evolved with every new cellular generation, both in terms of form factor and capabilities. From advanced photography and videography to high-speed internet connectivity and the console-like mobile gaming experience, all these capabilities are unlocked by the system on chip (SoC). Qualcomm is the leading SoC company globally and is driving these advanced technologies and smart entertainment experiences across various devices, form factors and price tiers.

In these ‘work and learn from home’ times, on-device AI enabled by the SoC is playing a crucial role. From adding background blur to photos and videos to making you look good, and canceling ambient background noise to optimizing the cellular signal strength and battery life, there are a lot many AI capabilities that SoCs deliver. As OEMs employ these intelligence and feature-packed SoCs in their devices, they strive to deliver the best and advanced experiences. Fast-growing OEMs like Xiaomi are working closely with Qualcomm to leverage AI and other features of the Snapdragon 7- and 8-series platforms and bring intelligent experiences to the end users.

In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Neil Shah is joined by Kedar Kondap, Vice-president of Product Management at Qualcomm, and Adam Zeng, Senior Vice-president of Xiaomi and President of Xiaomi Smartphone Department. Kedar shares some interesting insights into the AI capabilities of the latest flagship Snapdragon 888 Plus mobile platform, how Snapdragon Elite Gaming enhances mobile gaming, and the evolution of foldable form factors. Adam also talks about how Xiaomi as an OEM and a key partner, is leveraging the platform capabilities in terms of AI, 5G, camera and display R&D to bring the best experiences to its consumers.

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Podcast Chapter Markers:

2:02 – How is the Snapdragon 888 Plus different from the Snapdragon 888 in terms of features and capabilities it unlocks?

5:04 – How does 32TOPS AI performance transform experiences from camera to voice, battery life, and more?

8:21 – How is Xiaomi leveraging AI on Qualcomm chipsets to bring cutting-edge features across the Mi portfolio?

10:13 – As gaming has become a top use case in this 5G era, how does the Snapdragon 888 Plus SoC with Snapdragon Elite Gaming enhance the experience?

15:08 – How are things changing in China with 5G, and how is Xiaomi prepared as 5G unlocks cloud gaming and AR experiences?

16:40 – The Snapdragon 765G was the best-selling SoC that brought 5G experience to the mass market. So, what are your expectations with the Snapdragon 778G?

18:44 – With foldable smartphones, how do you see display and camera tech evolve?

23:14 – How does foldable form factor make it difficult from the engineering perspective when it comes to things like mmWave antennas and display?

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