Podcast: How COVID-19 Impacts India Smartphone Manufacturing?

A lot has changed over the past couple of months ever since the COVID-19 outbreak has been declared as “pandemic” by the WHO. To control the coronavirus outbreak, countries from across the globe have got into lockdown mode. This has completely transformed the way we have been used to working. While several industries and business sectors are feeling the heat, the India smartphone manufacturing sector seems to be heavily impacted.

Due to the lockdown, both online and offline smartphone sales have completely stopped. With workers locked down in their homes, the production has also come to a standstill. As of now, the state governments have extended the lockdown till May 3, but there is no clarity on whether or not it will be extended further. But exactly how much of an impact are we talking about here? Samsung has the biggest manufacturing plant in Noida, where it manufactures devices for India as well as for exporting globally. Companies like Oppo manufactures smartphones in India, Xiaomi makes smartphones, smart TVs and accessories like power banks in India. They are all severely affected with this lockdown.

In the latest episode of “The Counterpoint Podcast” host Ritesh Bendre and Counterpoint Research associate director Tarun Pathak discuss the impact of COVID-19 on India smartphone manufacturing. We also talk about smartphone segments that will likely be affected due to the coronavirus. The topic also covers supply and demand, and our revised outlook for 2020.

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