Podcast #54: Private Networks – What are the Key Trends, Market Drivers, & Challenges

Private Networks, especially in relation to 5G, were one of the hot topics of discussion at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 22) in Barcelona earlier this year. They have been gaining momentum with deployments across different scenarios such as manufacturing and mining, and for connecting devices like smart meters and sensors. Private Networks also have several other use cases that require high-quality and secure communication environments, such as ports, logistics, and transportation to name a few.

We recently published a report on Private Networks highlighting how major vendors such as Nokia and Ericsson are now selling network equipment to enterprises and bypassing the operators. There are also new entrants, including hyper scalers offering simplified solutions and reducing entry barriers for enterprises. We have also highlighted key trends, market drivers, and challenges in the report, and have discussed some of them in this podcast.

In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Peter Richardson is joined by Research Director Gareth Owen and Research Analyst Charu Paliwal to talk about Private Networks. The discussion focuses on some of the case studies and key deployments, spectrum availability, and challenges for private 5G networks among others.

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Podcast Chapter Markers

01:56 – Charu talks about some of the key findings and trends from her research on private networks.

03:38 – Charu further talks about verticals that are seeing the most traction.

06:45 – Gareth sets context on 4G LTE vs 5G private networks.

09:52 – Gareth talks about opportunities for hyper scalers.

11:37 – Charu on how the market is developing within the CBRS space and device availability.

14:25 – Gareth on challenges faced by private network players.

18:17 – Charu highlights some more challenges from her research on private networks.

19:45 – Closing thoughts from Charu and Gareth.

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