MediaTek Narrows Gap with Qualcomm to 2% in US Android Smartphone SoC Market

  • MediaTek recorded its highest ever share (45%) of the US Android smartphone sales in April 2022.
  • Qualcomm remained the top-selling Android SoC maker in the US smartphone market with a 47% share.

Los Angeles, Denver, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Montreal, London, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul – June 9, 2022

Qualcomm led all Android SoC makers with a 47% share of US smartphone sales in April 2022, according to Counterpoint Research’s US Channel Share Tracker. MediaTek was a close second with a 45% share while Samsung and Google managed 6% and 3% share, respectively.

Commenting on MediaTek’s growth, Research Analyst Matthew Orf said, “MediaTek’s growth really took off last year with design wins for the Samsung Galaxy A12 and Galaxy A32 5G, which became huge hits in the prepaid market, selling over 5.2 and 3.8 million devices respectively in 2021. The chipmaker’s growth has continued with key design wins again within Samsung for the Galaxy A03s and Galaxy A13 5G, as well as in Motorola with the Moto G Pure and Moto G Power 2022.”

MediaTek’s growth has also been related to a rise in white-label device sales. Senior Research Analyst Hanish Bhatia said, “Carriers were also aggressive with white-label devices to fill the market gaps in the low-end price band. In 2021, carriers partnered with ODMs such as Tinno, Wingtech and Foxconn to push 5G-enabled white-label devices in the sub-$250 price band. Dish and Visible also launched white-label devices for the first time, following in AT&T and T-Mobile’s footsteps. MediaTek accounted for 91% of the ~800,000 white-label devices sold during Q1 2022.”

Qualcomm’s market share has declined but remains strong in the premium (>$800) Android segment. Commenting on Qualcomm’s performance, Senior Research Analyst Maurice Klaehne said, “While Qualcomm’s share has declined in the US market’s sub-$250 Android segment, it has a dominant position in the premium Android market and the mid-range Android market ($250-$800). Qualcomm recorded a 93% share in the $800 and above segment of the Android market in April, and a 64% share in the $250-$800 Android segment, with strong demand for the Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S22 series. Qualcomm’s position in the premium Android market is entrenched and we do not expect it to lose ground in this key high-revenue market. The Snapdragon brand continues to be sought after by Android OEMs and users alike as the name has become synonymous with high performance and reliability.”

Commenting on the competition between the chipmakers, Research Director Jeff Fieldhack said, “MediaTek’s growth in the budget segment is impressive and now it is looking to target the mid-range and premium segments of the US smartphone market. MediaTek recently announced its Dimensity 1050 chipset, its first mmWave-capable 5G chipset. MmWave capability is a necessity at Verizon and preferred by AT&T for mid-range and premium devices. This chipset should allow MediaTek to compete for design wins in the mid-range and premium segments, where Qualcomm competes with Google and Samsung. Google’s tensor chipset has been popular with consumers due to its strong AI and machine learning features, helping the Google Pixel 6 drive stronger sales than the Pixel 5. The new Pixel 6a, priced at just $449, will feature Google’s silicon and should help keep its share steady. Meanwhile, Samsung chips have picked up a bit this year with the Galaxy A13 LTE and Galaxy A53 5G powered by Exynos chips.”


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