itel a Preferred Brand in Sub-INR 8K Segment in India, Says Survey

  • Among the top three sub-INR 8,000 (sub-$100 approximately) brands in terms of ownership, itel users recommend their brand the most when it comes to value for money, ease of use and trust in the brand.
  • Similarly, itel users lead when it comes to rating the current mobile phone brand as the preferred brand for their next purchase in terms of brand trust, after-sales service, durability and localized marketing communications.
  • More than half of the current itel mobile users had itel as their first mobile phone.
  • itel users are also the least dissatisfied with their current mobile phones compared to other top brands in the sub-INR 8,000 (sub-$100 approximately) segment.


London, San Diego, Buenos Aires, New Delhi, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul – December 19, 2022

TRANSSION Holdings’ itel has emerged as a preferred brand in the sub-INR 8,000 (sub-$100 approximately) segment in India by reporting the biggest proportion of repeat users among first-time handset buyers in the segment, according to a consumer survey conducted by Counterpoint Research recently. As many as 55% of the respondents who started their mobile ownership journey with itel, have bought the brand’s device again. itel is followed by Samsung and Lava here.

Among the top three brands in the sub-INR 8,000 segment in terms of current mobile phone ownership, itel users showed the least dissatisfaction (<1%) with their current handsets. Besides, users rated itel on top as their next preferred brand on the parameters of brand trust, pricing, after-sales services, appearance, and durability. Based on the overall experience, 76% of the current itel users would recommend the brand to others. However, in terms of current mobile phone ownership, itel captured the third spot in the sub-INR 8,000 segment.

The offline consumer study was performed across 23 cities in India, mostly covering Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, along with Tier 1 cities, from all zones. The focus of the study was to understand past as well as current mobile ownership, including brand awareness, brand preference and brand opinion, of feature phone and entry-level smartphone users from the sub-INR 8,000  price segment.

Top 5 Factors for Consumers Choosing itel as Current Mobile Brand

Counterpoint Research_Top 5 Factors for Consumers Choosing itel as Current Mobile Brand

Source: India Mobile Phone Consumer Study in Sub-INR 8,000 Price Segment, November 2022


Counterpoint Research Analyst Arushi Chawla said, “The sub-INR 8,000 price segment is an important category, with over 370 million users relying on feature phones and entry-level smartphones in this segment. This is also the segment where most first-time mobile phone users start their digital journey. Users from this price segment require support from mobile brands in terms of value for money, features and reliability. itel is among the top players here, with a presence in both feature phone and entry-level smartphone segments. Users have chosen itel for their trust in the brand, easy availability and affordability, and this has been reflected in the brand’s efforts in the past few years to serve the user base in the sub-INR 8,000 segment. Clearly, itel is also playing a pivotal role in driving the digital progression in India by being a preferred brand for consumers transitioning from 2G to 4G”

Top 5 Factors for Consumers would Choose itel for Next Mobile Brand

Counterpoint Research_Top 5 Factors for Consumers would Choose itel for Next Mobile Brand

Source: India Mobile Phone Consumer Study in Sub-INR 8,000 Price Segment, November 2022

Chawla added, “Unlike other segments, the sub-INR 8,000 segment consumers mostly depend on offline sources of information, especially word of mouth, to make their handset purchase. Among users preferring itel for their next purchase, most (65%) rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family.  With the least number of dissatisfied users and strong recommendations from current users, itel is the most preferred brand in terms of recommendations from friends and family. This gives itel a solid momentum in terms of growth and presence.”


The study was conducted in India using offline face-to-face interviews with a heterogeneous group of mobile users from sub INR 8,000 (sub-$100 approximately) price segment. With a total sample size of 1,575, responses were collected using the quota sampling methodology for a better representation of the universe as per the current smartphone brand share in the market. We expect the results to have a statistical precision of +/- 4%.

This survey was commissioned to better understand the brand’s presence in the sub-INR 8,000 (sub-$100 approximately) mobile phone market of India.


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