Global Refurbished Smartphone Market Expected to Rise 2% in 2019

The new smartphone market declined for seventh consecutive quarter in 2019 Q2. There is a need for the ecosystem players to look for newer growth arenas and refurbished market can be one of them. The Global refurbished smartphone market is growing faster than the new smartphone market. The rate of growth is much higher in the emerging markets like India, which  holds immense potential for growth. This report covers the refurbished market in exhaustive detail by analysing the refurbished market by region, setting out key players and thereafter drilling down into each region and comprehensively analysing important metrics. It concludes by setting out Global/Regional ASP’s for refurbished smartphones that further adds detail to the overall picture of the refurb market.

The report is useful for the used mobile phone ecosystem players, smartphone OEMs, Companies powering device trade-in, Smartphone accessories players. Companies looking to enter the refurb market and any enterprise who wants to understand the global refurb market.

Update Frequency: Half Yearly

Table of Contents:

  • Key takeaways from H1 2019
  • Refurb market volumes and growth by region (CH, US, EU, IN, JPN, LA, SEA. Africa, Others) (CY 2018 and CY 2019)
  • Regional notes on the refurb market (US, China, others)
  • Global ASP by brands (Quarterly 2016 – 2019)
  • Refurb market flow and global mapping (From Preowned volumes to final refurbished consumption)
  • US ASP by Brands (Quarterly 2016 – 2019) and Top Models with trade in and selling ASP (2019Q1)
  • US Key Players in refurbished ecosystem
  • Refurb market brand OEM market share
  • Regional Details for US, China, Europe, India, LATAM, SE Asia, Japan, Africa
    • Refurb ecosystem by geography
    • Refurb market flow by geo
    • Refurb OEM share by geo  (2016 to 2019 – Yearly)
    • Refurb export vs imports by geo by brands (2018 and 2019 – Yearly)
    • Regional Insights

Number of Pages: 64
Author: Jeff Fieldhack and Varun Mishra

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