5G IoT Devices Ecosystem: Qualcomm, Samsung and Huawei Leads


This report examines the current state of 5G IoT and commercialization roadmap for it. In addition to this, it also analyses Value chain for the 5G IoT and OEM value chain for the 5G IoT applications. It also includes the 5G IoT chipset and modules availability. This also checks the key application for 5G IoT by top operators. Analyzing the market size by both volume and value for these applications and their penetration in cellular devices in 2025. Further it looks into the operators 5G deployment across key regions Kore, USA, Europe and China.

Table of Contents:

  • 5G IoT Devices Ecosystem
  • Value Chain 5G IoT
    • 5G Value Chain
    • OEM Value Chain by IoT 5G Application
  • 5G Modules and SOC Availability
  • 5G Modem/Module Readiness
  • IoT 5G Modules
  • IoT 5G Modules: Key Application, Target Geographies & Commercial Availability
  • 5G IoT: Operator Strategy by Application
  • Korea 5G Update
  • China 5G Update
  • USA 5G Update
  • Europe 5G Update
  • Operator 5G Landscape Across Key Regions:
  • Other Applications

Number of Pages: 54
Author: Parv Sharma

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