White Paper: Growth Potential for Accessible Premium Tablets in Emerging Markets


Having faced a substantial surge in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic from work/study-from-home measures, tablets have become more commonplace in our device ecosystems, expanding their application of solely being used for multimedia to a wider array of business, productivity and creativity. As more applications for tablets emerge, the tablet market is likely to face further paradigm shifts as specifications and device options diversify further.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Tablet Market Analysis & Forecast
    • Global Tablet Market Analysis
    • Global Tablet Market Forecast
    • India as an Emerging Market
  • Bigger and Better Displays, Larger Battery Trends Unlock Further Tablet Productivity
    • Display (Size, Refresh Rate)
    • Network Capability (Cellular vs Wi-Fi)
    • Battery Capacity (mAh)
    • Productivity (Device Ecosystems)
  • OnePlus Pad Looks to Invigorate a Banal Tablet Market
    • OnePlus Pad’s Distinct Features and Offerings
    • New Android iPad Challenger
    • OnePlus’ Promising Outlook

Number of Pages: 16

Published Date: May 2023

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