Tweet, Tweet, Buy, Retweet, Buy, Tweet !! Welcome to Twitter Commerce

The world is going mobile thus use-cases are going mobile thus social behavior is going mobile thus advertising is going mobile and so is commerce is going mobile.

Most of the incumbent horizontal internet players with business models based on the premises of engagement with advertising and commerce at the core are going mobile faster than ever else won’t be able to compete with then new crop of horizontal mobile players. You can find more analysis here with WeChat as a case in point.

In light of this trend, the social networking giant Twitter today announced its much-awaited move to integrate commerce into the platform as the recent aggressive mobile advertising integration is beginning to show results.

This move comes hot on its heels of acquiring the fast-growing payment infrastructure startup Cardspring, earlier in the summer.

Twitter platform’s best advantage in m-commerce game is that the “purchase” can quickly go viral, which is very powerfully intertwined with ‘word of tweet’ advertising. This should be great for the individual brands to celebs to non-profits and to even users eventually selling in craiglist-style. I see it as a potential “viral m-commerce” platform.

This is how Twitter looks to integrate shopping with tweeting and should be promising.


Source: Twitter

Another important trend which supports this trend is we are quickly moving from showrooming to webrooming to finally mobileappurchasing.

I see every potential horizontal mobile player integrating advertising and commerce engine into their networks over the coming years and the price competition from CPB “cost per buy” to the COG “cost of good” perspective, is going to be intense.

I will give you a quick example of this: Yesterday, I wanted to book a flight.

  1. So first, I called up my favorite travel agent and he gave me a quote
  2. Then I searched the online website “” and got a better price quote
  3. But as soon as I was about to buy, I saw this ad and tadaaa..ended up earning an extra 10% discount on the lowest quoted price



However, the art of making the users finally buy all lies in how these players will all depend on relevant and timely targeted advertising.

As we move to the world of ubiquitous mobile commerce, learning the users’ mobile habits, and intent would be critical before the platform wastes the opportunity by targeting their users with highly irrelevant ads.

The players who will be good at this will rule the Big Information era.