Storage Solution Trends in the Consumer Notebook Market

Since 2010, the PC industry has seen the rise of thinner and lighter PC form factors. Progress comes thanks to semiconductors based on advanced process nodes, which not only drive higher speeds but also pack more processing power into a smaller footprint every year. This progress is further fuelled by increasing consumer demand for thinner, lighter, and faster hardware experiences (overflowing from smartphone and tablet advancements). The rise of Flash memory storage in the PC segment has also been a key factor in driving advanced industrial designs which are stateof-the-art, sleek, and most importantly, highly mobile.

Our latest research, outlines the proliferation of flash storage solutions and more so rise of e.MMC-based storage solutions in consumer notebook market. This is critical as the notebook form-factors evolve even in mass market segment which warrants thinner, smaller footprints but also cost-effective and better performing storage solutions. The complete report can be downloaded from our portal (download here). The following Infographic summarizes the overall storage solutions adoption trends in compute segment.

The full resolution infographic can be downloaded here: