• As the market for mobile handsets matures, players throughout the value chain will face new challenges and new opportunities.
  • Growth will be increasingly confined to under developed markets. Commoditization makes hardware differentiation ever more difficult to achieve.
  • Price pressure will become more intense.
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Key questions answered

  • Who are the key players and what is their market share position?
  • How fast are markets changing?
  • What are the key hardware specifications at different price points?
  • Which markets are growing and which are stagnating?

Features of Market Pulse & Benefits

Sell-in and sell-through dynamics

Be alerted to growing inventory issues as well as opportunities to ramp sell-in

Market share analysis

Understand who the key players are and how their positions are changing

Specification analysis

Understand how features and enablers diffuse through price bands – critical for portfolio planning

Event analysis

Get the inside track on key industry developments with genuine insights

Key product analysis

Develop understanding of key success factors in a dynamic industry

Understand the fast moving market for mobile devices

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