• Strategy is about making the right decisions today for how the market will be tomorrow. The one thing we can be sure about, is that it will be nothing like it is now.
  • Understanding pockets of growth – whether geographical or market segments – can be the difference between success or failure.
  • Inform your own assumptions.
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Key questions answered

  • How fast will the market grow and in what areas?
  • Where will the key revenue pockets be in future?
  • Who will be the winners and losers?
  • Which technologies are growing fastest and where?

Features of Market Outlook & Benefits

Five year volume and value forecast across 100+ markets

Understand the future market size and value
See which are markets are growing and which are flat

Price band forecasts

Plan portfolios according to a clear understanding of which segments will be most popular

Six-quarter vendor share forecasts

Successfully plan attack and defence strategies to win new business or look after existing business

Clear assumptions

Adopt Counterpoint assumptions or develop your own to disrupt the market’s development

Key handset forecasts

Understand which models will be strong and why

Market OutlookAn essential planning tool

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