Although industry trends apply to all actors in the industry, each player’s circumstance and response to those trends is unique; what might work for one company may be completely wrong for another. Counterpoint understands this and never tries to apply a ‘one-size, fits-all approach’. We have supported many organizations from across the value-chain and delivered immediately applicable advice and guidance that have delivered positive, actionable results, every time.

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Typical areas we work on

  • Market entry strategies
  • Key partner selection
  • Strategic investments analysis
  • Portfolio planning support

Recent projectsCounterpoint has been engaged in

For a major smartphone vendor

We provided a framework for predicting the future of smartphones and devices with actions items for mid to long-term.

For a major handset vendor

Tracking performance of key competitors across specific geographical markets.

For a major mobile operator

Analyzing device costs, positioning and sales performance against the company’s own market segmentation.

For a major component company

Analyzing sales performance of a number of specific OEMs and forecasting sales of key models to support financial planning.

Objective guidance and tailored support for your unique situation

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