SAP Enters Edge Computing Segment with Leonardo IoT Edge


As Internet of Things (IoT) becomes more prevalent, a swelling pool of data gets generated at the sensor and device level. This data can be leveraged to derive actionable business insights through analytics, which until now has been processed in the cloud. However, there is an increasing need for real-time collection, processing and analysis of this data at the device or gateway level i.e. closer to the edge, for real-time quick actions. This is Edge Computing & Analytics, which emulates the public cloud capabilities by bringing intelligence closer to the devices but with a smaller and agile footprint.

SAP has launched SAP Leonardo digital innovation system – which runs on the SAP Cloud Platform and supports Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Analytics and Blockchain.

Table of Contents:

  • Cloud Software Platforms Rapidly Developing Edge Capabilities
  • SAP: Roadmap from Software to Cloud & IoT Player
  • SAP Leonardo: Built on SAP Cloud
  • SAP Edge Services: Enables Business Context and Intelligence at SAP
  • Growing Portfolio of Edge Services Managed by Cloud-Based Console
  • Traditional ISV & SI Partners Driving SAP Leonardo Growth
  • Case Study: Predictive Biometric Modeling
  • Case Study: SAP Leonardo Biometric Edge Solution
  • Key Takeaways: Great Potential in Enterprises But Needs More Traction

Author: Neil Shah and Falguni Shah
Number of Pages: 12

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