Samsung Goes after Enterprise with Note 7 Launch

Samsung note 7 photo

Samsung takes pride in creating the ‘phablet’ space over five years ago.  According to our Model Sales Tracker, since 2014 alone, Samsung has sold more than 100 million Galaxy Note devices.  The installed base of the Note continues to climb as it has been the most sold ‘phablet’ in the world.This is partially the reason the company continues the Note line along with the highly successful Galaxy S & S Edge lines.  In addition, Samsung sees a void of a true secure, business device since BlackBerry’s downturn .

There are no shortages of KSP’s for Enterprises & IT Departments:

  • Best-in-class bio-authentication with both iris detection & a fingerprint sensor
  • Samsung’s Knox platform: Easily separate work/personal data, the brag that it is US Government approved for handling classified documents, ready out-of-box
  • USB-C connector for faster charge & file transfer
  • Scalable memory with 256GB microSD support
  • Durability – the device is IP68 water and dust proof. The demo showed the device fully submerged in water with the SPen out displaying the full gasket plugs through the device
  • Device-as-a-service opportunities: To alleviate some of the high cost of the device (over $800), Samsung will offer leasing, financing, auto upgrades, full IT support, 3rd party SW, warranties, pre-sales, and kitting capabilities

Samsung Note 7

Source: Samsung

Samsung has checked off all the key specs needed for a flagship in the second half of the year:

  • Quad Core apps processor (2.15Ghz dual + 1.6GHz dual), 64 bit, 14nm process (bragged as seeing up to 30% performance improvement)
  • 64GB internal memory
  • 3,500 mAh battery
  • 12MP, 5MP cameras
  • WPC & PMA Wireless charging

Expect more of the marketing we have become accustomed to with Samsung launches, which will continue to apply pressure to other Android OEMs in the US.  Presales begin August 3rd with an August 19th launch.  To further entice, Samsung will be offering a free Gear Fit2 or a Samsung 256GB microSD with pre-orders.

In addition, Samsung has a lot of accessories at its disposal to bundle through the devices’ life.  There are the standard accessories: camera add-ons, new battery packs, and creative cases.  If Samsung decides to go bigger, there are VR headsets, Samsung bands, tablets and don’t count out TVs(!) anymore.

Samsung note 7 event oculus


  • The Note 7 is a beautiful device with many upgrades from the previous Note.  The form factor is comfortable & stylish at 7.9mm thick with three colored metal options of blue, black, and silver. No doubt, it was an R&D feat getting the infrared, 2 front facing cameras, all the LTE bands/antennas, curved display, full metal design, and wireless charging in a 7.9mm package. 
  • The curved QHD 5.7” SAMOLED 518ppi display is crisp & feels edge to edge.  Deadbands are minimized.  The rest of the key specs are checked off including 4GB of ROM and LTE Cat 12/10/9 capabilities.
  • The SPen works well and the ability to jot down notes while the device is in sleep mode is a great feature.  The light design & improved precision will certainly hook more subscribers onto the SPen. 
  • We suspect that the iris scanner will be well-received.  The LED fires as the user touches the sleeping display and by the time the device is raised to eye level, it is ready for use seemingly faster than a fingerprint sensor and certainly quicker than a password.
  • The Note 7 is a great device.  Expect the price to be over $800.  So, the key question is, has Samsung priced itself out of the enterprise space it is perfectly positioned for?