Samsung dominates in almost all markets, strength grows in the Premium


Our August report reveals the numbers behind last month’s handset market. Samsung takes 23% of the global market while Nokia and Apple fall behind, again.

We estimate the August market to have been dominated by Samsung once more as rivals fall behind in lack of new compelling smartphones.

We find in the analysis that Samsung’s strengths are derived from its unique and powerful portfolio of hit products. Samsung’s smartphones are targeting the Premium tier and Mid-high tier simultaneously and 3 to 4 hit models are helping the engine running. Model efficiency is reaching its peak which will help boost profits more than sales.

Samsung is number one in the premium tier of $400 and above products with 35% share and is also number one in the mid tier which is between $100 and $400 with 24% share. Galaxy S III and Galaxy Y are both selling well in a variety of segments.

Samsung showed to be number one in all of the large markets such as China, USA, India, Brazil and Russia. It also held an astonishing 65% share of its home country South Korea in August. Sony’s share rose slightly as new products were rolled out and the new branding of Sony Mobile was successful. ZTE and Huawei suffered in the month as fierce competition in its domestic market of China arose.In September Apple’s new iPhone 5 will be another big factor changing the premium market but the new mid tier will also be growing and it will be untouched by Apple.


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