Post Event Coverage: Virtual Event: 5G Leadership Summit 2020

It was a great discussion on how 5G & AI can transform individuals, societies, enterprises and countries with the mobile and tech industry leaders at the Konnect 3rd Edition of 5G Leadership Forum. thanks to Rahul Sindhwani & Aman Khanna

Esteemed Panelists include:

We had a great conversation right from the different experiences 5G+Ai unlocks when compared to 4G to the deployment timeline & killer use-cases for the 5G once the technology is democratized to the favorite tech shows we have watched which points out to potential future experiences

As a teaser, the top five 5G+Ai use-cases which we agreed on:

  • Real-Time Remote Healthcare + AR/VR Counseling #COVID19 has accelerated the need)
  • Real-Time Education on inexpensive 5G-Cloud powered thin client but intelligent devices #COVID19 accelerated)
  • Agriculture & Connected Animals (via FWA — 5G + NB-IoT)
  • Virtual Concerts & Gaming #COVID19 accelerated)
  • More interactivity & content creation (As better upload link & connectivity bandwidth, capacity)

This next decade is going to be all about edge computing. However, the edge could mean different for different players depending upon the use-case, the level of computing & their role in the value chain.