Podcast: Over 50% of Cars Sold Globally in 2020 will be Connected

Automakers are packing more technology in cars these days. This includes IoT-based connected car technology, which enables navigation, information, safety and remote diagnostics. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted car sales, and shipments are expected to decline in 2020, the penetration of connectivity technology in cars continues to increase. More than 50% of the cars sold globally in 2020 are expected to be connected.

There are different types of connected cars that are available in the market, from embedded TCUs to hybrid and smartphone-connected ones. Add-on connectivity features also open up new revenue streams for automakers. But which are the leading automakers in the market, what are the key drivers and which countries are leading the segment? We discuss all this and more in our latest podcast.

In the latest episode of ‘The Counterpoint Podcast’, host Maurice Klaehne is joined by senior analyst Aman Madhok to talk about the connected cars market. Aman touches upon some interesting topics such as the type of network connectivity in connected cars, cockpit digitization and more. The discussion also highlights 5G in connected cars, autonomous vehicles, and growth expectations for the future.

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