Nokia HERE Acquires Medio : Could Become IBM Of The Mobile Data Analytics World

An eventful couple of months for Nokia’s HERE business unit as it blossomed into a more independent unit after the parent Nokia’s move to become more operationally stable by selling off its Devices & Services unit to Microsoft. A stronger balance sheet now has allowed Nokia to make key strategic acquisitions to take HERE business to the next level. As a result, Nokia HERE acquired Desti last month to not only add intelligence to industry’s leading location cloud platform but much more than that. Hot on the heels of Desti’s purchase, HERE acquired another fast-growing ‘smart data’ analytics firm Medio based out of Seattle, USA last week.

We think Medio is another great buy for HERE in this mobile revolution era where most of the day-to-day use-cases are becoming highly mobile-centric, contextual, real-time and complex making it tough for organizations to measure its customers’ behavior, experiences and pain points. Medio adds a key layer on top of HERE’s intelligent location platform to capture, measure the tsunami of customer touchpoints data, analyze it and output smarter predictions to increase/extend the customer lifetime value (CLV), align, transform and improve organization’s business & operational performance plus create ample opportunities (sales, marketing) for them to monetize in a better smarter way. This is how we see Nokia HERE positioned adding layer of capabilities on top of its location/maps expertise:

 HERE: A Location Cloud Intelligence & Analytics Platform

Nokia HERE Platform

Lets analyze what Medio acquisition means for Nokia HERE:

  • HERE with Medio now becomes a predictive analytics company offering a platform solution with not only location, contextual intelligence capabilities but with an extended analytics offering to help measure, analyze and deliver in-depth insights based on the millions of datapoints collected
  • This complete end-to-end integrated & intelligent location analytics platform uniquely makes HERE a “Location as a Service (LaaS)” provider which expands its total addressable market to newer customers and verticals and thus scalable revenue generating opportunities
  • HERE’s end-to-end LaaS model would be highly beneficial for organizations where real-time location data is a key component in gaining context, to either market, cross-sell, differentiate, serve or save costs by understanding location-specific behaviors within their apps, solutions or services
  • HERE’s LaaS platform can help services providers (e.g. AT&T, Vodafone), m-commerce platforms (e.g. WeChat, Amazon), app developers building apps and services for enterprise, retail, photography , media streaming, gaming, etc to integrate location APIs, capture, measure, analyze the big data transforming it into actionable intelligence to improve KPIs or sales or offer better customer service
  • HERE’s LaaS model also means it could help different governments, states, cities (public sector) by not only providing intelligent location platform but also understand and gain insights from different location based patterns spread over time. e.g. real-time traffic patterns, route patterns, mash-up with weather patterns ,demographics and much more
  • The intelligent LaaS model could also be applied to several verticals from insurance, utilities, health, transportation,hospitality, financial retail to education and others offering a powerful tool redefining Business Intelligence to drive business decisions leveraging richer spatial analytics
  • The predictive analytics capabilities within the platform is crucial for trillion dollar advertising industry for targeted marketing
  • The other key advantage Medio brings to the table is its platform’s rich experience in “mobile” space which is increasingly important now as most of the organizations have adopted a “mobile-first” strategy for their products, services and solutions. Medios supports multiple mobile platforms with SDKs for iOS, Android, JavaScript, Adobe Air and more covering bulk of the mobile and web properties right now

The above are some of the areas where Medio could make a big difference for HERE as a platform company. HERE already has expertise in “know-where” space but with Desti & Medio the platform is now also capable of developing its  “know-what“, “know-when” & “know-why” expertise. It improves the overall value proposition HERE offers to its current and prospective customers by bringing more real-time, contextual analysis and insights leveraging its strong intelligent location/maps foundation. We believe Medio acquisition could transform Nokia HERE into IBM of mobile data analytics world. A very important space to watch in this mobile-centric Big Information era

Predictive Analytics in Retail

Source: Medio