Key Trend: Hardware Based Security for IoT Takes Center Stage This Year

Mobile World Congress this year witnessed a second wave of devices beyond smart phones and tablets, as industry players jumped onto the IoT bandwagon with newer connected devices and solutions. The devices categories have expanded to wearables. AR/VR headsets, connected home, connected lifestyles, connected auto and more. As more devices get connected, the security risks are bound to increase exponentially as billions of these devices transmit and receive huge volumes of data, with much of that data private. The devices need to be secured or protected not only at the platform, application or signaling level, but also deep down at the silicon level.

There were notable announcements and demonstrations by players in the mobile value chain to secure IoT by focusing on embedding security at the core of the silicon: i.e. embedding security into processors and sensors to complement security and privacy solutions at the platform, app or cloud levels.


e.g.: Qualcomm’s Haven Security Framework for Snapdragon Chipsets

Qualcomm with its Haven Security Framework, Rambus with CryptoManager Platform, InvenSense, Inc. & IntrinsicID with Trusted Sensor for wearables,Goodix & Qualcomm with live finger detecting FingerPrint Sensors  and so forth will drive this important need to make the billion of connected devices secure starting from silicon level up to cloud.

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