Global Smartphone Shipments 2011 – 2022

Published date: February 28, 2023

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Source: Counterpoint Market Monitor

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Global Smartphone Shipments (Millions of Units)

Global Smartphone Shipments 2011 - 2022

Global Smartphone Shipments 2011 – 2022:

The global smartphone market has grown significantly over the years, but the growth has slowed down in recent years. In 2022, the global smartphone shipments dropped to it’s lowest i.e. 1.2 billion units since 2014.

Global smartphone revenues declined by 9% to $409 billion, the lowest since 2017.

Apple shipped 224.7 million iPhones in 2022. Apple market share in the world climbed to 18% in 2022 with major presence in USA and China.

Samsung registered 21% of the smartphone market leading the charts in Europe.

Despite a great start of the year, smartphone market failed to perform in 2022.

The iPhone 14 series launch propelled Apple to replace Samsung as the leading smartphone player in Q4 2022.

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