Advanced Audio Tech Drives New Applications in Smartphones and Beyond

New developments in high definition audio will enable startling new capabilities in smartphones and other connected devices in the IoT, healthcare and automotive spaces, among others. Vendors need to understand the audio technology landscape and drive awareness about the benefits the technology has to offer consumers.

This report investigates how the latest advances in smartphone audio technology are being used to provide hi-fi quality audio and video playback in smartphones as well as enabling a raft of new voice-analysis-based applications such as speech recognition, biometric authentication, context awareness and even medical diagnosis. The report also provides a brief overview of the latest audio-centric smartphones and identifies the key players in the audio-tech value chain.

Table of Contents:

  • Smartphone Audio Technology
  • Applications
  • Audio Tech Ecosystem
  • Perspective

Number of Pages: 17
Author: Peter ([email protected])
Published Date: June 2017

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