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Trump wins the US presidential election – what does it mean?

At the culmination of one of the most bitterly and divisive election campaigns ever seen in the United States, Donald J Trump has confounded sceptics, political pundits and pollsters by winning nomination to the White House, and arguably, the most powerful job in the...

With Dual Cameras, Mobile Devices Getting Closer To Human Eyes

In September, Apple unveiled its new iPhone as usual.  Once again this year it was hard for Apple to keep most of the changes under wraps.  As expected, the key upgrades included removal of the headphone jack, expanded internal memory options, adding water resistance,...

Storage Solution Trends in the Consumer Notebook Market

Since 2010, the PC industry has seen the rise of thinner and lighter PC form factors. Progress comes thanks to semiconductors based on advanced process nodes, which not only drive higher speeds but also pack more processing power into a smaller footprint every year....