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JioPhone: Accelerating India to Cross The 4G Chasm

The most disruptive 4G operator in India Jio, part of Reliance Industries, announced a category of 4G Feature Phone "JioPhone" which is essentially basic feature phone on steroids today on July 21 at the company’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). A brief analysis on this...

Audio Tech: Cinderella’s Going to the Ball

With smartphones becoming the primary source of music for many consumers, handset OEMs have been steadily improving the audio quality of their devices. However audio has been something of a ‘Cinderella’ technology – left in the dark and underappreciated – while...

Can Android ”O” de-fragment Android ?

Google enjoys a dominant position smartphone operating systems with close to 85% of the market. To keep up with its main rival Apple, Google announces new Android versions at least annually, with new features and updated security. The timeline shows the release date...