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Q2 2017: Apple: Operating Margins Dip to 2009 Levels

Apple reported its calendar Q2 2017 (Apr-Jun) results and on the 10th Year Anniversary of iPhone, the overall results followed the typical cyclic iPhone trends. Operating Margins Dip to 2009 Levels Lower iPhone ASP, Currency FX headwinds and mix shift to older iPhones...

iPhone :: A Decade of Billions

On June 29th 2007, Apple first begin selling its then iconic smartphone the "iPhone" which with multiple iterations transformed Apple into one of the richest enterprises on the planet. The leaders in the pre-iPhone era surely launched touchscreen phones that were...

T-Mobile Continues to Roll Through 2017

First to report of the major US carriers, T-Mobile looks to remain ahead of the pack on phone net adds both this quarter and for the rest of the year.  A few years ago, TMO was a fledgling carrier in no-man’s land.  The company was behind both Verizon & AT&T...