Smartphone Trends: More Memory, More Market Share
Smartphones have (and are) becoming advanced computers as the software, hardware, services and user needs mature to a point it almost are replacing the need for PCs. Applications such as AR/VR will be more demanding on DRAM in phones this year. Higher Resolution Displays, LTE all are driving need for higher DRAM capacities in smartphones. Furthermore, OEMs have been pushing for advanced hardware configurations to differentiate, win mindshare and...more
What does Gigabit LTE mean for the Telecom Industry?
Gigabit LTE promises to bring many improvements to the telecom industry.  A plethora of new GB LTE ready hardware will be launching throughout 2017.  Not just within smartphones, the industry will see seeding of GB LTE within drones, mobile routers, tablets, wearables and much more. Look for GB LTE to change usage patterns and go much further than keeping up with increases within data and video consumption.  The technology...more
Will Unified Payment Interface (UPI) bring financial inclusion in India?
Technology will play a key role in bringing financial inclusion to India. Mobile phone penetration is growing. With an estimated 700+ million mobile phone installed base, every family will likely have a mobile phone or at least access to one in the next year. In the absence of suitable financial services infrastructure, mobile phones will be the interface of financial inclusion. The Government of India (GoI) recently announced UPI (Unified...more
CES 2017: The Hottest Trends Analyzed :: Gadgets Getting Intelligent (AI) & Virtual (VR)
The CES trade show provides a perfect launch into the new calendar year. Counterpoint’s analysts were in Las Vegas to meet companies and experience the latest technology developments. Our key takeaways are as follows: Among the most striking things from our point of view was the prevalence of Amazon’s Alexa – now being incorporated into many products. Alexa is not a very intelligent AI, but she can flip a switch...more
Future for Faraday Future
With CES and its string of shiny automotive announcements behind us, we are reflecting on some of the key announcements with a “reality lens”. As both an auto enthusiast and an analyst covering electric and autonomous vehicles, what most piqued my interest was the unveiling of Faraday Future’s FF91 model. Widely talked about – often for the company’s precarious financing – the FF91 is Farday Future’s first production vehicle...more