Tom is an expert in the telecoms industry with 14 years of experience. He provides practical advice for the short term goals of clients as well as insights for long term vision. Previously he was a celebrated world renowned analyst at Strategy Analytics. He first introduced value share and profit share. He also created the Smartphone Strategies service and headed the research growing it to become the largest service in the company. Tom also worked for LG Electronics within the Mobile Communications Company in various roles.
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Smartphone share by region in Q1

Jun 04, 2013| By | Category: smartphones

Samsung leads the smartphone market in all regions except North America Counterpoint Technology Market Research (Counterpoint Research hereafter), the go to source of smartphone market data, has released its regional smartphone data and forecast for the first quarter of 2013. Global smartphone leader Samsung again leads in all major regions except North America. North America remains Apple’s domain as it extends its lead in more

Low Cost Android killing what was left of the feature...

Apr 28, 2013| By | Category: smartphones

We see the $50 to $150 price band as the critical battleground in the mobile device market in 2013. Nokia stands to lose most as competition increases dramatically at this price point. This price band will define the frontier of where smartphones are pushing into feature phone territory Looking back at Mobile World Congress 2013 in February, one of the remarkable things about more

February smartphone market share indicates Samsung will have another record...

Mar 28, 2013| By | Category: smartphones

Counterpoint Technology Market Research (Counterpoint Research hereafter), a pioneer in smartphone market data, has published its monthly report of the global smartphone market which analyzes and aggregates data from 25 markets globally to get the pulse of the market. Some key takeaways - Samsung is selling close to 25 million smartphones a month. We expect it to sell more than 70 million units in Q1. - more

Apple is the No.1 handset maker in Japan now

Feb 13, 2013| By | Category: smartphones

Counterpoint Research releases new data of the Handset / Smartphone market. In the recent Country Market Share Report for Q4 2012, we find that Apple's iPhone shipments take over the Japanese market. - Apple took 16% market share in the fourth quarter of 2012 and 15% for the full year of 2012 reaching the No.1 spot for the first time in annual terms. It has more

Q4 2012 Handset Value Share: Preliminary

Jan 25, 2013| By | Category: smartphones

Just two companies take 95% of the profits in the mobile handset industry: Apple and Samsung. Counterpoint Research has released its preliminary Q4 2012 mobile handset and smartphone results. The most stunning part is that Samsung took 25% of the industry profit while Apple took 70%. Leaving a tiny 5% to share among the other 100+ handset vendors. As 4Q 2012 results roll in more

Samsung: the Toyota of Mobile Devices

Jan 10, 2013| By | Category: smartphones

Samsung – from fast-follower to first-mover. There has been a lot of talk over the last week with Samsung increasing its share in the market even beyond Nokia. This was the final but necessary blow to Nokia’s multi-decade-old leadership in the mobile industry. It’s actually interesting to see that there are few people who ask the very obvious question: how did that happen?Samsung’s success is more

Who can compete against Samsung or Apple?

Dec 20, 2012| By | Category: smartphones

Who can actually compete against Samsung or Apple at all? or what would you need to attack Samsung or Apple? With the two leading smartphone manufacturers having a combined market share of over 60% and a profit share of more than 95%, the question arises how long this leadership can last. There is no industry where a monopoly can continually exist. But can more

The future of Windows 8 tablets lies in the Enterprise

Nov 30, 2012| By | Category: tablet-pcs

With the smartphone market share so consolidated and dominated there are only few “windows” of opportunities to enter the market, let alone opportunities for game-change. Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface could be both, but it remains to be seen how Microsoft will digest this opportunity. The tablet market is similarly consolidated as the smartphone market and it is difficult to compete with more

Samsung dominates in almost all markets, strength grows in the...

Sep 25, 2012| By

Our August report reveals the numbers behind last month's handset market. Samsung takes 23% of the global market while Nokia and Apple fall behind, again. We estimate the August market to have been dominated by Samsung once more as rivals fall behind in lack of new compelling smartphones. We find in the analysis that Samsung’s strengths are derived from its unique and more

Samsung Electronics

Jan 04, 2012| By | Category: smartphones

The data and analysis provided by Counterpoint is unparallaled in terms of granularity and preciseness. We did not hesitate to choose Counterpoint after the initial briefings. The client support is also excellent, very approachable. more