Neil is a sought-after frequently-quoted Industry Analyst with a wide spectrum of rich multifunctional experience. He is a knowledgeable, adept, and accomplished strategist. In the last 11 years he has offered expert strategic advice that has been highly regarded across different industries especially in telecom. Prior to Counterpoint, Neil worked at Strategy Analytics as a Senior Analyst (Telecom). Neil also had an opportunity to work with Philips Electronics in multiple roles. He is also an IEEE Certified Wireless Professional with a Master of Science (Telecommunications & Business) from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA.
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Key Trend: Hardware Based Security for IoT Takes Center Stage...

Apr 08, 2016| By | Category: iot

Mobile World Congress this year witnessed a second wave of devices beyond smart phones and tablets, as industry players jumped onto the IoT bandwagon with newer connected devices and solutions. The devices categories have expanded to wearables. AR/VR headsets, connected home, connected lifestyles, connected auto and more. As more devices get connected, the security risks are bound to increase exponentially as billions of these more

Galaxy S7 Tracking 25% Higher Than the S6 Through the...

Apr 07, 2016| By

According to the latest preliminary smartphone sell-through survey data across 40 countries from Counterpoint’s monthly research, Samsung’s newest flagship Galaxy S7 series (S7 and S7 Edge) is showing healthy demand. Compared to the Galaxy S6 series performance last year, the S7 series is showing as much as 50% higher sales during its opening month of sales in some markets. In the US, sales are more

iPhone SE – What does It Mean For Apple &...

Mar 21, 2016| By | Category: smartphones

Apple today in a surprising Spring event announced a new iPhone SKU to be added into its portfolio, namely the iPhone SE. The iPhone SE sports the latest specifications including a 64bit A9 Apple processor, 12 MP Camera, 4K video capture, Apple Pay, VoLTE and so forth. However, it sports a rather underwhelming and reverse-trending, smaller 4" display. Why a 4" Screen & what does more

Enter The Dragon: Chinese Brands, Hyper-Competition Will Foster Innovation in...

Mar 18, 2016| By | Category: smartphones

I recently presented at the premier Device World 2016 event in New Delhi with the hot topic being the influx of Chinese brands in the high-growth and lucrative India market. To put into context, India is the second largest smartphone market in the world with more than 220 million smartphone users surpassing USA last year and behind China. India is also home to almost half more

Facebook’s FreeBasics Fails At Basics

Feb 10, 2016| By

In the 'internet advertising' business model driven world, it's all about controlling the web traffic and having access to billions of user base. Google with its lion share of search engine traffic market and smartphone market (w/ Android) - both almost 80% is the most attractive platform for marketers and advertisers right now. Facebook, with a similar advertising-led business model, is partnering with carriers (data more

Apple’s 2015 Performance In Five Charts

Jan 27, 2016| By | Category: smartphones

Apple had a phenomenal 2015 as it clocked US$235 Billion in revenues up from US$200 Billion in 2014. Apple's cash on hand has also grown from US$178 Billion to US$216 Billion in just four quarters. We analyze Apple's performance for the full year in five charts: Exhibit 1: Apple Revenues By Product Segments & Total Margins Apple's 2015 revenues grew by 18% YoY, mainly driven by iPhones & services segments more

Where does HERE go from here?

Dec 10, 2015| By | Category: location-services

We have been closely tracking the evolution, growth and opportunities for the location ecosystem; location is one of the most important latent technology enablers that drives our ever growing, mobile-centric, lives. When location intersects with different hardware, software, services and internet it becomes extremely powerful and is a multi-billion dollar industry for solutions not only for location-centric needs of consumers (B2C) but also for enterprises (B2B) and more

100 Million LTE Phones Shipped in China in Q3 2015

Nov 27, 2015| By | Category: smartphones

China has become the most important mobile market for any player in the mobile value chain. The enormous scale China brings to the fore is unparalleled. China exactly two years ago clocked 100 million smartphone shipments for the first time and in Q3 2015,China became the first country to witness more than 100 million 4G LTE smartphones being sold as the China LTE in just more

Pepsi Phone: Can it “Change The Game” ?

Nov 22, 2015| By | Category: smartphones

We have extensively talked about "hardware as a distribution" model (HaaD) on how the "value captured" by hardware suppliers has shifted from hardware to software, services, content and so forth. We are seeing more and more global brands entering the smart devices space from commerce players (Amazon, Tesco, Flipkarts of the world) to content players (LeTV, B&N) to social giants (Facebook) to heavy industries (Sany, CAT) to now more

Microsoft Surface Devices Ultimately Rises Up To & Beyond Apple

Oct 08, 2015| By | Category: tablet-pcs

Lots of things have changed since Mr. Satya Nadella has taken over reigns from Mr. Ballmer. While Steve was adept at selling and growing Microsoft business through the entire 2000 decade, Nadella is a clear visionary in tying all the assets together transforming Microsoft not one but two steps forward. The new Microsoft seems less monopolizing, more innovative and cool. The latest October 6th 2015 more